Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP)

QAP Accredited Person training is a requirement of the QAP Conditions of Approval. QAP Class 1.1 and 1.3 premises are required to undertake face to face accreditation training. Persons holding a Class One Accreditation Certificate require reaccreditation only when advised so by AQIS. 

Persons accredited under QAP Class 2-9 with an accreditation or reaccreditation certificate dated February 2008 or later hold valid accreditation for two years from the accreditation date.
Re-accreditation training will need to be successfully completed every two years from the date of the last accreditation. Reaccreditation training is available online.

The training consists of two units:

1. Quarantine awareness

2. Quarantine Approved Premises


Note that this training is NOT provided through ITALC. Access is through a third party provider. Click here to find more information.












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